Parent Council

The Parent Council has evolved over the past few years from being “The Parent Group” on to “Parents and Friends” until it took on its current name last year. In spite of the name changes, integral to each era has been the concept of support. The nature of this support has also varied just as the Parent Council’s identity and role has evolved:

  • Support for teachers in developing the role of Class Co-ordinators and in developing the opportunities for Parent Education.
  • Support for parents if providing a venue for the raising of concerns and questions that are subsequently taken up with other responsible groups or individuals.
  • Support and reference point for individuals wishing to take initiatives.
  • Support for the on-going development of a strong and healthy community.

Amidst the more broad ranging discussions earlier this year about the roles of all groups within the school there was some discussion about the work of the Parent Council being taken over by others and even a suggestion that the Parent Council be abandoned. In spite of the resulting confusion, as the year has proceeded it has become obvious to the continuing participants that, actually, a conscientious strengthening of the Parent Council would greatly enhance the ability of parents to contribute in a productive way to the development and life of the school.

Consequently, we are currently making a short, sharp review of our goals for 2000 to see how we’re progressing, and quickly moving on to determine our priorities for the remainder of the year.

All parents are invited to participate in determining and fulfilling these priorities – in regular meetings every fortnight; or in short-term action groups. Now that the preparations for the fair are past and the fruits enjoyed by all, please spend a little time thinking about any things in the school you’d like to see improved and come along to a Parent Council meeting with your ideas.

Remember to check the Newsletter for meeting dates and venues, and for regular updates on our current focus of work and discussion.