Samford Valley Steiner School wins Gold!

On Saturday the 8th of September the Samford Valley Steiner School’s string ensemble competed in the Brisbane Schools Band Festival, in the advanced primary school strings division. They won a gold award performing Arctic Fire (by local composer Stephen Chin) and festival overture. Rosie the newest member of the ensemble, after only having played with them for 6 months got a special mention for her bass solo.

The ensemble is a mix of children from Class 4, 5, 6 & 7. Music forms a strong part of the curriculum at the Samford Valley Steiner School from Preschool onwards singing is integrated into most of the subjects they learn. In Class 1 they start to learn the recorder and each child from Class 3 learns a string instrument. They continue to play an instrument right through to Class 7 although they may choose a different instrument in the later years. They are performing again on Saturday 20th October as part of the Australian Academy Festival of Music and a number of the children are auditioning for the Qld Youth Orchestra

Steiner School wins Gold