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Media Release – Samford Valley Steiner School Fair

The Samford Valley Steiner School is situated on 20 acres of peaceful bush in the beautiful Samford Valley.

We provide an environment that serves the freedom of the human spirit by emphasising the balanced and disciplined development of the child as a whole human being.

Literacy and numeracy, science, geography and history are balanced with creative endeavours in music, art, craft, speech and movement. These combine to nourish the whole child – head, heart and limbs. 

Our Spring Fair also is also aimed at nourishing the child.  The theme for the Spring Fair this year is ” Fun and Games”.  Our fun and games include many ‘ hands on’ activities.  

You and your children could:

  • create a silk painting
  • make a rainstick which  generates a beautiful sound, used  in some cultures as a musical instrument
  • make your own felt ball from beautifully coloured pure wool
  • create a stone carving  from  easy- to- work,  specially formulated ‘stone’ 
  • make a woodwork creation using  lots of wooden blocks, hammers and nails. 

Hand-made puppets are the backdrop for a beautiful story and puppet show presented by the preschool teachers, especially for the preschool and younger primary children, but a favourite of all the adults too.

And if that is not enough fun, there is always the fishing game, a ride on a horse and cart, or the three legged and sack races.  Everyone is invited to join in.  

Our main stage will be providing some great live entertainment throughout the day, with performances from the school children and other local artist. 

Along with all of the delicious food, cakes, preserves, plants, lucky jars and other stalls, is our gift shop with lots of hand made craft. All of our beautiful craft is lovingly made by the parents of the school from natural materials.  Many of the objects have been especially designed for play by younger children.  There will also be books for sale.  It’s a great way to start that Christmas shopping.

So come and join us from 11:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday 30th August 2019, at the Samford Valley Steiner School, Narrawa Drive, Wights Mountain, SAMFORD.