Class 5

by Rosemary Lillicot

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In class 5, we continue the class 4 Human Being and the Animal Kingdom studies. Class 5 children begin history lessons with stories of Ancient India. Class 5 children as a part of their projects wrote these poems about Indian animals.

My Poem The Cow

The Zebu is strong

It pulls heavy loads

It walks many miles

Along the roads

It likes lots of things

They are big, fat, and floppy

I Love Tigers

This beautiful mammal I love because it’s big, furry and orange with black stripes. It may look cuddly but when you get up to it, it is not very nice! They can jump high and they are beautiful. It’s so sad that people are killing them!


A tiger eats meat

It uses its feet to catch its prey and eat it all day

That’s how a tiger catches

Its prey.

Tigers are terrifying

I like Tigers, don’t you?

Great animals don’t you think?

Enormous too

Roaring means it is angry.

The Tiger

In the dark shadows of the grasses tall,

Stalks a fiercesome creature feared by all.

Stealthily he pads in search of prey,

All in his path run quickly away.

A stampede of buffalo alerts his keen ears

In a leap and a bound all obstacles he clears

He attacks without warning and drags his prey home

Back to the shadows to feast alone.

Why I Chose the Tiger

I chose the tiger because tigers are fierce and strong. The tiger is also not afraid of much; the opposite to me, that’s why I admire the tiger.


ferns have roots, stems and leaves. They do not have flowers or seed. They grow from spores.

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