Class 4

The class is spreading their wings, turning ten and working towards finding their place in the world as separate individuals, no longer seeing their world as a ‘whole’ but as fragments which together make a whole.

The Dragon

To aid the children in their search our main lessons all have some focus on the Norse Myths and the lives of the Norse people. The myths in particular present a picture of creation and the evolution and development of man. They show, man’s struggle with opposing powers, the fading of old conceptions and the birth of the ego. All reflecting what the nine to ten year old is experiencing for themselves.

Odin’s wisdom, and fallibility, Thor’s strength, Baldier’s goodness, Idunce’s innocence, Freya’s beauty all touches them deeply as they live into these stories. But it is Loki, to whom they direct much of their empathy and sympathy, identifying strongly with the battles of good and evil, wisdom and cunning that war within him.

During this last term we have completed a mathematics main lesson, reviewing all the basic mathematical concepts needed to really work into long division and long multiplication.

We have also completed two language main lessons, one in letter writing and the other ‘The Norse World’. This has reviewed the grammar concepts of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs as well as introducing prepositions and conjunctions.

For next term, we are looking forward to a natural history main lesson which will incorporate our class camp to Noosa North Shore Caravan Park on Lake Cooroibah. We will also be doing another fractions main lesson and yet another mathematics main lesson introducing some more complex concepts than previously experienced.

Thor and Loki trying to get food from the giant Skymer’s wallet

Thor and Loki trying to get food from the giant Skymer's wallet

Overall, we are all enjoying our time together in class 4 and are both teaching, and learning from each other.

Class 5