Class 1

Watercolour painting of letters from V & S “Valley” and “Stream”

Class 1 has completed a main lesson on Russian Fairytales this term. We wrote and read our first sentences illustrating each page beautifully to create our first reading book. Using the wax resist technique, we painted very ‘Russian’ looking covers for our books.

Now we have returned to our numbers and are practising the four processes: Addition, Substraction, Multiplication and Division

…as we solve number stories from ‘Poss’ the possum’s adventures. We are also hearing the Grimm’s fairytale ‘The Two Brothers’ in which a seven-headed dragon is slain by one of the brothers.

Working with the Rainbow and letter formation with block crayons – Letter A

Our ‘Spring’ play is in rehearsal and we hope to have a small presentation of spring songs and recorder work by the end of the term.

The recently established ‘buddy system’ where a class 1 child is given a class 6 buddy has been very successful. At the end of this week, we are all going to the creek for a bushwalk.

We are all still busy knitting and the room is beginning to fill with many colourful gnomes who go by the name of Good Deed Divide, Portly Plus, Raggedy Blue Minus, Magic Multiplier and King Equals.

Crayon Block Drawing. The Seven-Headed Dragon, GRIMMS

…from a parent’s perspective

As my child entered class 1, it was like watching a flower slowly opening. The enthusiasm for learning began from day one and as we move towards the end of Term 3, it remains the same.

Jessica Tiny

My own memories as a 7 year old in school are rather vague apart from some experiences which fortunately Lucy will never experience. Lucy’s need to create something everyday is something that I find quite extraordinary, from workbooks with beautifully presented artwork to the ongoing handwork. My home has turn into a knitting factory.

Knitting needles are found in every room. Knitted gnomes stand everywhere from large to small.

As I observe my child, it only emphasises the reason why I chose a ‘Steiner’ education. As my child approaches me and asks me for some wire, I grow curious. However, my curiosity is cut short when she answers, “Then I can knit a really tiny gnome”.

Class 2