Anthroposophical Study Groups

by Herbert Scott

Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy (wisdom of man) covers almost every area of life from the very practical to the most profound. What goes on in study Groups is often influenced by the every day ordinary questions and concerns of the individuals seeking new insights and self-knowledge. However, Anthroposophy is not a system of beliefs. It is essentially non-dogmatic yet is rich in content and leaves the individual entirely free.

Tuesday Study Group (meeting alternate Tuesday mornings)

This group offers an opportunity to explore with others the teachings and ideas in Anthroposophy as given through Rudolf Steiner’s books and lectures. Previous knowledge is not necessary, only an open mind and an interest in sharing a search for a spiritual meaning to life. We focus our discussion around various study materials.

Friday Evening Group (meeting alternate weeks)

This group has been studying “The Principles of Spiritual Science” by Carl Unger an approach to understanding Anthroposophy through thinking. Usually there is more free conversation around the theme than reading of text. Some but not all members have been students of Anthroposophy for some time.

Membership of the groups is open.

Adolescent Group (every Friday, 12:30pm pick-up)

This group started with a reading of “The Phases of Childhood” by Bernard Lievegoed, then moved on to “Our Twelve Senses” by Soesman and having briefly passed our own biographies we moved on to “Between Form and Freedom” by Betty Staley. This is providing rich ground for discussion and exploration, sharing questions, and reflecting on our own experience. Currently, we have about six members. We welcome newcomers.

Please ring either Maria Bukala on 3289 2899 or Trish Scott on 3289 2302. The venue for all the groups is 8 Narrawa Drive (in our studio).