PHI 208 Week 5 Reading Quiz (Variant 5)


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1. According to Held, feminist theories of self

2. According to Friedman, this is an example of a woman staying in a relationship because of “higher loyalties”

3. According to Friedman, this is a typical response that women have in relation to their abusers

4. In Held’s article, a thinker named Annette Baier claims that the history of Western ethical thought does not take into account feminine aspects because

5. Gilligan claims that females tend to see relationships as these

6. In Gilligan’s article, the example of Heinz involves which crime

7. Noddings claims that care ethics does which of the following

8. Held uses this examples to talk about the political distinctions that separate men and women in the realms of the public and the private

9. According to Held, the following have been aligned with femininity in the history of Western thought

10. Held claims that this abstract concept has guided the development of Western ethics

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